Friday, February 13, 2009

Sweet Pink Valentine Cupcakes

There is something intrinsically sexy about the color pink. It's a hot color like red, but it's not as serious as red. It's red's crazy little sister who wants to drive her car with the top down, hair blowing in the wind, with no real direction to go in. Just completely free. How does this wild child translate into desserts you ask? Well, through these cupcakes of course!

I'm not boxed cake mix person by any means. But I'm in law school, I had a boxed cake mix in my pantry and some jello, and plus, they were super easy to make! The recipe can either make a layer cake or cupcakes. Just follow the box's cooking times and you can make either one. I gave them as early Valentine gifts to my roommates and our neighbors since we're all in the same boat here on campus and greatly appreciate any sugary, sweet treat that comes our way. To me, that just about sums up Valentine's day: eating sugary, chocolate-y, heart-shaped or pink/red sweets while spending time with the people you love. What a great holiday for a foodie!

So if your looking for something quick and easy and down right PINK for Valentine's day, try your hand at this recipe. A few other bloggers have tried it out and have found them to be really delicious. They were a big hit here. Plus, they've got CREAM CHEESE FROSTING. Can you ask for anything better on Valentine's day?? Well, maybe a deep, dark chocolate cupcake underneath all that frosting... which gives me some great ideas... :)

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

There are few things cuter than a pink cupcake. :)

diva said...

gasp! these are très adorable. I'm not one to like pink, in fact if you hop over to my blog you'll realize I made strawberry cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting as well and pretty much ranted on about the colour pink and how it's changing me blah blah blah. ;) uncanny, isn't it?

i love how you decorated the cupcakes...i need to get a piping nozzle, dammit I do. Anyway, I love the way you write. Hope you have a smashin' sugary Valentine's!